Friday, 20 March 2020

Covid19 - Employment in the time of Coronavirus

A cautionary note. Work from home is no panacea. If everyone working from home stopped working from home, it would make relatively little difference to the global economy since most work in this world cannot be done from home:
  1. Healthcare/ Paramedical/ Veterinary services
  2. Childcare/ Orphanages/ Senior Citizen care homes
  3. Agriculture/ Horticulture
  4. Dairy-farming/ Animal Husbandry
  5. Fishing/ Fisheries
  6. Forestry/ Lumberworks
  7. Food Production/ Processing/ Distribution
  8. Manufacturing
  9. Construction
  10. Real Estate
  11. Mining/ Quarrying
  12. Oil & Gas/ Nuclear Energy/ Renewable Energy
  13. Public Infrastructure - Water/ Electricity/ IT/ Sewage/ Stormwater/ Roads
  14. Waste Disposal/ Recycling
  15. Public Services - Police/ Fire/ Emergency
  16. Security services
  17. Military & Paramilitary
  18. Public Transport - Buses/ Taxis/ Railways/ Airways
  19. Shipping/ Logistics/ Warehousing
  20. Maintenance/ Landscaping/ Pest Control
  21. Vocational Education
  22. R&D sectors including Pharmaceuticals
  23. Investigative Journalism & parts of Mass Media
  24. Hospitality / Nighttime Economy
  25. Tourism / Recreation
  26. Entertainment including Cinema/Performing Arts
  27. Sports/ Fitness Centres
  28. Charities/ Non-Governmental Organisations
and the entire informal economy of Domestic Workers, unlicensed Street Traders, Beggars et al.

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